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Food & Drink

Food is the ingredient that binds us together.  Despite all of the other great things food brings to the table, people eat food because of the way it tastes. Whether it's the sweetness of the glaze on a baked ham or the spicy flavor of curry, eating and enjoying good tasting food is what life is all about and we understand that perfectly.

We ensure the ingredients on our plates are the best from the local produce to be able to deliver you taste and presentation. After a long day on the mountain, you will be refueled with our designed menu and each day it will be a different experience.


In the afternoon, we will first welcome you back with homemade goodies and a 'vin chaud' to warm those tired muscles. To compliment your delicious evening meal we will serve free flowing local red and white wine. A complimentary port will also arrive with your cheese board after your meal.

Our catered service consists of

  • Canapes and champagne the day of your arrival.

  • Freshly baked croissants, 'pain au chocolate's' and fresh baguettes with a full continental breakfast (with a hot option). Try our smoothie bowls, freshly squeezed juices and our daily WM brew. 

  • Our afternoon tea consists of tea, coffee, hot chocolate, 'vin chaud' and a freshly baked cake, cookies or any other home made treat.

  • Canapes are served every evening, together with a delicious 3 course evening meal with plenty of free flowing local wine and a cheese board.

  • After dinner, coffee or a soothing herbal tea is served

  • "Make your own pizza night" in our chalet pizza oven at the bar area.

  • We cater children's meals with an earlier meal time.

  • We can cook for all dietary requirements as long as you mention it in advance during your booking.

  • If there are any specific needs, allergies, likes or dislikes, do let us know before you arrive.

NOTE: staff day-off is on Wednesday, you will have a self-serve breakfast available then and we will arrange a reservation for your dinner on that day.

daily menu

Start the day right and get all the energy you need for your day at the mountain. Everyday we have a fresh juice bar and/or smoothie bowls. Try out our daily WM signature coffee blend or your normal option with our freshly out of the oven croissants and 'pain au chocolats'.

Our cooked breakfast options examples are:

  • Sough dough toast with avocado, poached eggs and chilli flakes.

  • Baked eggs, winter black pudding, romesco and rocket.

  • French toast with bacon and banana.

  • Smoked salmon, dill and boiled egg on toast.

We also understand that a cooked breakfast is not for everyone, so we offer every day plenty of fresh fruit, porridge and yoghurts.


We love food, it is our passion. Every winter we design very carefully a delicious menu by selecting the best local produce in order to deliver excellent presentation, great taste and plentiful plates.

Sit down and enjoy our three course meal, served with fresh bread, free flow of local wine and local cheeseboard with a glass of port. Finish off with coffee and/or herbal tea.

Evening meals are provided on six  evenings during the week, so you have the opportunity to eat out for one evening in one of the many lovely local restaurants. We are more than happy to recommend some fantastic places to eat and make any reservations for you too.


If you arrive after 9pm, a lighter meal will be provided for you.



A choice of home-made cakes, cookies, healthy treats, baguette, teas, coffees and juices are laid out for guests on their return to the ski chalet from the slopes. Guests can also help themselves to tea and coffee throughout the day from the bar area.


Fancy a drink in the hot tub? No problem! We have a bar with a good selection of local and international beers, as well as cocktails. Don't forget to try our WM signature shot of the week. 'Vin chaud' is also available every day.

There are two BBQ areas in Serre Chevalier with amazing breathtaking views. We can organize, for an extra cost per person, a picnic lunch in the mountain anytime during the week.

Our team will meet you up there at midday and will bring sausages, bread, burgers, veggies, nibbles, sweets, beers & bubbly. We will grill it together and enjoy a picnic lunch on top of the mountain, sometimes above the clouds.

It is quite an experience!

Let your hosts know you are interested, so they can coordinate which day is best according to the weather forecast and shop for fresh local products.

Be ready to enjoy the views and a very tasty lunch.


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