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Enjoy the outdoors

Summer holiday in the mountains is a real treat. There is the breathtaking scenery, the wonderful flora and fauna; and the weather can be gorgeous, surprisingly hot, but fresh too. Some mountain resorts are genuinely year-round resorts, if anything becoming even busier in June, July and August. 

Summer time in Serre Chevalier is a time for sun, mountain biking, trekking, kayaking, water rafting, rock climbing, paragliding, Via Ferrata and the list goes on and on. The vibrant energy of all the outdoor enthusiasts is combined in this valley delivering nothing but fun times. It is the perfect destination for families or anyone who loves the outdoors. With endless activities on offer, every day in Serre Chevalier can be different. You can hike the many accessible trails in the morning, spend the afternoon kayaking and then relaxing with a BBQ in the afternoon.

The possibilities are endless and there is something for everyone!

During summer, we offer fully catered and non-catered options for your stay. We also help you organize all your activities during your stay, so you can enjoy as much as you can those well deserved holidays.

Stay tuned in our social media for our different weekly activities such as:

  • Downhill week.

  • Yoga and meditation retreat.

  • Ayurveda course.

  • Tour de France week.

  • Provence tour.

Mountain fun all year round. Who says the Alps are just for winters?

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